Certified Organic Cat Food Brands

Organic Cat Food

As more and more people turn to organic food options for themselves, many are also turning to organic food options for their pets. Certified organic cat food is becoming increasingly important to cat owners, and there are a lot of great options out there for people who want to feed organic foods to their cats.

What Certified Organic Means

Certified organic pet foods are the only pet foods whose "organic" label is verified by the USDA or another authorized certifying agency. Facilities and ingredients of the foods bearing the seal of certification need to be inspected by the certifying agency if they are to be considered organic. If a pet food is 100% organic to USDA standards, it can carry the USDA Organic certification like any other organic food.

If it contains 95% organic materials, then it can still carry the USDA label, but it must specify that only 95% of the food is organic.

Finding Organic Food for Your Cat

There are a few specific options that are better than others when consumers are looking for cat food that has been certified organic by a reputable regulatory body.

Newman's Own Organics

Newman's Own Organics cat food
Newman's Own Organics cat food

Newman's Own is a company that was started by actor Paul Newman. The mission of the company is to provide high-quality food for humans and animals, all while contributing 100% of their profits to charity.

The Organic Canned Cat Food formula that Newman's Own Organics offers is a healthy balance of essential nutrients. It's high in protein, an excellent source of minerals, and it even contains probiotics that help aid in digestion. Of course, the food is certified organic by the Oregon Tilth.

On pet food retail websites like Only Natural Pet, the Organic Adult Dry Cat Food formula from Newman's Own Organics is met with heavy praise by cat owners.

PetGuard Organics

PetGuard is a natural pet food manufacturer that is recommended by reputable online veterinary sites. From its start in 1979, PetGuard has been committed to providing natural alternatives to commonly-available pet food and pet care options. All of the organic foods offered by PetGuard are certified organic by the USDA.

PetGuard's Organic Cat and Kitten Food is a great example of the type of quality food that is offered by PetGuard. There are no wheat, soy or corn fillers used in this cat food. No hormones or steroids have been used in the meat products that go into the cat food. The food also uses natural vitamin C as a preservative to avoid using chemical preservatives.

Castor & Pollux

Castor & Pollux organic cat food
Castor & Pollux organic cat food

Castor & Pollux claims to be the most complete line of organic pet foods that have been certified organic by the USDA. They offer a wide range of organic food options as well as many other "natural" options to round out their stock.

The diverse range of organic food options available through Castor & Pollux is a testament to their claim of being the most "complete" line of organic pet foods certified by the USDA. Their cat food offerings range from organic canned cat food to organic dry cat food. They even have kitten food.

The various brands of organic cat food offered by Castor & Pollux are given great reviews on popular retail sites like Petco.com and Only Natural Pet. They regularly get four star or higher rankings by cat owners.

Raw Advantage

Raw Advantage offers a wide range of organic pet foods for both dogs and cats. The company was started as a way to help ensure cats had access to nutritional food to help keep them healthy and strong.

The organic cat food options offered by Raw Advantage are chicken, turkey, and turkey with garlic. These foods are made with certified organic ingredients and they are essentially raw to help preserve any nutrients in the original food mix.

Natural Planet Organics

Natural Planet Organics cat food
Natural Planet Organics cat food

Natural Planet Organics is owned by Tuffy's Pet Foods, manufacturer of roughly 85,000 tons of pet food each year. As part of their full line of products, Tuffy's offers Natural Planet Organics. These foods are formulated to meet strict organic guidelines as set forth by Oregon Tilth, which is a certification body that is qualified to determine whether businesses meet current USDA standard organic practices.

The Organic Canned Chicken cat food is a great example of the types of foods offered up by Natural Planet Organics. Not only is the food made to meet strict organic standards, the formula is also nutritionally balanced using nutritional standards put forth by the AAFCO. The food is well-reviewed on retail sites like Pet Food Direct and Pet360.com.

Evanger's Pet Food

Evanger's Organics cat food
Evanger's Organics cat food

Evanger's Pet Food is a small pet food business that focuses on small-batch recipes of quality pet foods. The company was started in 2002 as a way for the owners to make specialty food for their own dog. Their brand of food has since grown into a full business offering hand-packed dog and cat food around the country.

The Organic Braised Chicken Dinner by Evanger's Pet Food is a high-quality, high-protein example of the foods that Evanger's Pet Food creates. The food has been cooked and packaged in its own juices, is made of organic chicken, and it has been certified organic by Oregon Tilth. This particular Evanger's dinner has high reviews on retail sites like Chewy.com and Only Natural Pet.

Check Labels and Be Informed

Organic certification in the United States is strictly regulated. While many brands of food may claim to be organic, any cat food calling itself "certified organic" without bearing its certification seal is breaking the law according to the code of federal regulations on organic food. Without this certification seal, the term organic can mean almost anything. Look for the seal and do your research when selecting organic cat food.

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