Certified Organic Beauty Products Manufacturers

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If you are looking for certified organic beauty products manufacturers, you should have no problem finding them. Over the past decade, as consumers become more concerned about the ingredients in the products they use, the demand for organic items has increased.

Organic Cosmetic Companies

While the government has strict standards about what can and can't be labeled organic when it comes to food items, the same is not true for cosmetics and other beauty products. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the term "organic" does not fall under either the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act or the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. As a result, the FDA does not regulate the term and there are virtually no regulations that apply to organic cosmetics. In this case, it is a matter of let the buyer beware.

Because of this, it is especially important that you do your homework -- read the ingredients list on your beauty products and research them thoroughly. In addition, consider using the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database to search for details about specific ingredients.

Surya Brasil Organic Beauty Products

Surya Brasil's beauty products are created using native Brazilian herbs and are based on Ayurveda principles. The company offers a wide variety of innovative organic products including hair care, body care, and a line of men's skin care products.

Clelia Angelon, founder of Surya Brasil, created the business in 1978 with the belief that natural and healthy skin care products could be part of a natural lifestyle. In an interview with LoveToKnow, Clelia states, "One thing pushes another - the food, the way of thinking, the practice of yoga and meditation, contact with nature; all of this makes your lifestyle."

When asked about the benefits of Surya Brasil products, Clelia says "Surya Brasil is a pioneer in the body care industry that has united Ayurvedic science with the traditional knowledge of Amazonian natives, plus sophisticated technology to benefit hair and body. According to Ayurvedic principles, all we use on the skin and hair is absorbed into our bodies. Guided by these principles, Surya Brasil does not use harmful substances. The use of natural alternatives requires innovative technology. Surya products are enriched with exotic plants native to the Amazon forest which, in addition to their benefits, are associated with environmental conservation and social responsibility."

Rhone Botanicals

Rhone Botanicals is based out of Boston, MA. The company utilizes natural, organic ingredients and uses fair trade practices in the manufacturing of its cosmetics. It is also cruelty free, meaning that the company does not perform any animal testing on its products. Rhone's line of beauty products includes Shea butter balms, Dead Sea salt scrubs, and acai eye cream. They also offer an impressive selection of 100 percent pesticide-free and chemical-free essential oils.

Pure Anada

Pure Anada beauty products are made in Canada. Pure Ananda offers a full line of organic make-up, skin care, and bath and body products created using natural ingredients such as plant-based botanicals and essential oils. Their make-up is pure and they have committed to the following:

  • No micronized minerals in the mineral makeup
  • No petroleum by-products
  • No heavy metals in the products
  • No animal testing

Holistic Serums

Serums use high concentrations of ingredients to deliver powerful healing properties to the skin. Holistic Serums has a full line of serums and beauty products, including perfume, made from all natural and certified organic ingredients. Lotions to help firm sagging skin, deal with areas of cellulite, and even hair lengthening serums are also available. Holistic Serums makes every product in small batches to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty's mission is to "bring high efficacy and authentically organic beauty solutions to people worldwide." The company is based in California but their products can be found throughout the United States in select spas and boutiques or you can purchase their products online. The company is unique among its organic peers in that it uses a 100 percent certified organic juice base -- made of 30 juices -- in their products instead of a water base. This not only guarantees a pure, organic product but also offers potent therapeutic benefits.

Juice Beauty backs up their results claims with clinical results and they offer a full line of beauty and personal care products for every skin type, age, and concern.


Weleda, named after the Celtic goddess of wisdom and healing, has provided organic product options since 1921. They grow their own biodynamic gardens to produce the organic ingredients they use in their products. These ingredients including a wide variety of roots, herbs, and flowers. Weleda's extensive line of products offers solutions for many skin and beauty concerns and includes skin toners, moisturizers, cleansers, body care, hair care, and oral care products. They also offer a line of natural baby care products as well as natural medicinal remedies for common ailments.


Sold in more than 16 counties around the world, INIKA produces certified organic cosmetics and vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brushes. Their award winning makeup line includes mineral and liquid foundations (there are no nano-particles in their mineral makeup), concealer, eyeshadows, eyeliners, mineral mascara, and a variety of lip color options. The company often offers special offers and limited edition products on their website.

The Healthy Choice

Everyone wants to look beautiful but research shows some cosmetic options are not necessarily a healthy choice. In fact, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics states that some cosmetics contain toxic ingredients like mercury or potentially hormone-disrupting phthalates. By choosing organic beauty products, you're ensured a product free of any potentially dangerous chemical ingredients.

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