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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are becoming an increasing part of the American food supply, as statistics can show. These statistics can help in making more informed decisions about food a family consumes. Keep reading »

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Whether you are shopping for food, clothing, or household items organic standards and labels can become confusing. Cut through some of the information overload with these articles on organic definitions, regulations, and standards.

Understanding Organic Standards and Definitions

The Food and Drug Administration has hundreds of standards and definitions for organic labeling. In addition, science is changing food with genetic modifications. When you want to maintain an organic lifestyle, it is imperative that you understand what you are buying.

The articles about organic standards will help you choose the right products for your family.

  • Read to understand the differences between "100% organic" and "Made with Organic Ingredients".
  • Understand what GMOs are and why they are a concern to many people.
  • What is food irradiation?
  • What kind of pesticides can be used on organic crops if any?

These, and other important questions are answered within the articles in the Organic Standards category. You get the facts that you need to make the best choices.

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Organic Standards