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Organic cat food and dog food are easily found, but it takes a little more looking to find appropriate options for your other small animals like rabbits and birds. Luckily there are a few companies who cater… Keep reading »

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At LoveToKnow Organic, we know how much you love your pets. Choosing natural and organic products to use in their care and feeding is an important way to ensure that they are healthy and happy for as long as possible. Just as people can be harmed by the chemicals in non-organic products, animals can suffer negative health effects when they eat poor quality pet food or play with toys that have been treated with pesticides.

Many people realized the importance of certified organic products with the tragic deaths of so many pets during the pet food recalls in the past. Since then, the organic pet food industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Even though they may cost a bit more, organic products are a smart investment in the health of your beloved pet.

Protect Your Pet

By using things like homemade flea shampoo, you protect your pet from the toxins that are so prevalent in pet products today. These toxins are known to cause cancers in companion animals, but the manufacturers continue to use them.

Don't forget about your feathered friends, either. Using organic parrot food can protect your bird and keep him healthy for a long time. Even wild birds should have an organic option, so try to keep organic bird seed in your feeders.

Here at LoveToKnow Organic, we will continue to keep you up to date on new products and innovative ideas to keep your pet active and healthy.

Organic Pets