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You may be surprised to find there are very few organic choices when it comes to toilet paper. The toilet papers being offered as organic are made from virgin bamboo, a renewable resource. Keep reading »

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If you've already discovered the benefits of organic food, the next natural step in your quest for a healthier lifestyle may be purchasing organic items for your home. You can find a variety of expert articles designed to help you choose the products that best fit your needs and organic lifestyle.

Ways to Go Organic at Home

Protecting the environment and your family members are the main reasons you should use organic products in your home. One simple way to go organic at home is to choose one area or room to start converting to organic products. While you're still using whatever you have on hand, start researching organic options then purchase or make those when your current item runs out or needs replacing.

Organic Home Cleaning

Making your own organic cleaning products will not only save you money, but it is good for the environment as well. If you're not ready for total DIY cleaning products, there are many organic products on the market. Whether you need USDA organic certified dish detergent, family-friendly organic laundry soap, or even organic rug shampoo, there's a product or recipe for you.

Organic Fabrics and Linens

Every fabric item in your home can be environmentally friendly, from organic bamboo towels in the bathroom to reusable muslin bags for groceries. If you sew, you can find organic fabrics and sewing materials like organic cotton yarn or organic wool fabric. If you suffer from allergies or have very sensitive skin, investing in organic bedding is a great way to improve the quality of your sleep, eliminate dust mites, and even block mold, bacteria, and other harmful allergens.

Organic Furniture Options

When you're ready to replace larger furniture items with organic options, you'll find tons of great pieces. Create cozy seating areas using organic or natural bean bag chairs instead of stiff metal, plastic, or wood chairs. Keep guests comfortable on a full size organic futon that doubles as a couch, and treat yourself to a new organic mattress for your best night of sleep ever. Stores like Bean Products in the U.S. and organic furniture shops in Canada, such as The Good Planet, are great places to look for all your organic furniture needs.

Give Your Home the Natural Feel

Creating a natural feeling in your home includes using organic materials, furniture, and decorations. You'll feel comfortable in these simple, modern furnishings and knowing you're entire family is protected from harmful chemicals. As you feel natural in your organic home, the natural world will also be supported.

Organic Home Products