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Organic Health and Beauty

It only makes sense to be as careful about what you but on your body as what you put in it. Not only are there unpronounceable chemicals in conventional health and beauty items, many are tested on animals or produced in countries that may not have the same strict standards that the United States does.

Organic Health and Beauty Products

When you buy certified organic supplies, you can be sure that you are getting products that have been carefully and ethically made. Frpm shower gel to vitamins, organic items are growing in popularity.

People like to know what is going into the products that they use for health and beauty. Consider the recall of millions of tubes of lipstick a few years ago for lead contamination. When you use organic products, you can feel confident that the item is safe to use.

Making Your Own Products

One of the best ways to be sure of what is in your product is to make it yourself. Organic shampoo recipes are easy to make, frugal, and fun. You can use different essential oils to create different fragrances and to treat different problems. Be sure to keep the products that you make in the refrigerator and use them promptly. Homemade, organic items can go bad very quickly.

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Organic Health and Beauty