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Organic Clothing

Organic clothing is natural fiber clothing that has been produced without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. Clothing made from organic fabrics is surprisingly stylish, and today's consumers have numerous options to choose from. Learn what types of organic fabrics are out there, as well as what types of clothing can be purchased organically at LoveToKnow Organic.

Organic Fibers

When you shop for organic clothing, make sure you know what your fiber options are. Read about the different types of organic fibers clothes can be made from, such as:

  • Hemp: Organic hemp can be used to make a number of different types of clothing you can wear, such as hemp gloves.
  • Cotton: Cotton is one of the more readily available types of organic fiber that clothing can be found in. Look for items such as sweats or nightclothes made of organic cotton.
  • Bamboo: Fibers made from bamboo can be luxuriously soft, as well as affordable. Learn where you can find bamboo clothes at a great price.

Organic Garments

If you're looking for a specific article of clothing, consider getting it made in organic fibers. Find information on specific organic clothing articles such as:

  • Coats: Organic winter coats can be made out of a few different materials, including organic wool.
  • Shoes: Get expert advice on how to find organic footwear and items like running shoes.
  • Dresses: Find dresses made out of organic materials such as silk that will make you feel as great as you look.

Start Shopping

With the right information, you'll find it easy to locate and purchase a variety of different organic clothing items. Turn to the articles presented on LoveToKnow Organic as your source for organic clothing options and shop well.

Organic Clothing