Brewer Farms Organic Almonds Interview

Organic Farming
Organic Farming

Brewer Farms organic almonds are some of the most popular organic almonds available online. This farm is known as a reliable supplier of both organic and conventionally-farmed almonds.

In this LoveToKnow interview, Randy Brewer of Brewer Farms explains what makes organic almonds such great products and why Brewer Farms is able to consistently provide a quality product to customers.

How did you get into farming almonds organically?

I am actually a landscaper by trade. I made really good money during the earlier housing boom and bought my first farm from my brother-in-law. He is down to earth and prefers all natural products. I really liked the theory, being an ornamental gardener and country boy I like the all natural way.

What products does Brewer Farms offer?

We have grown organic almonds over eight years. In addition to growing organic almonds, I grow conventionally grown almonds. This is only because my brother-in-law planted the trees too close together and, not being able to get enough light and air, they were not able to grow correctly. I also grow sod grass and ornamental plants that aren't organic, but are close to organic, because I only use what is absolutely necessary to market the product.

I offer fresh almonds only, eliminating the middleman. Others have the opportunity to remarket them roasted, salted, or flavored.

What makes organic almonds better than conventionally farmed almonds?

My organic almonds are pure and clean. They are all natural with no synthetic man-made chemicals or fertilizers. We use certified organic compost, natural neem oil for fungicide, and no weed killers; instead we use mowing and natural well water. The conventional almonds get regular fertilizer and fungicide if needed, but we don't use these methods for the organic almonds.

Why do customers love Brewer Farms organic almonds?

Our customers love our product because they know we have integrity and what they get from us is safe for their family to eat. Our customers always recommend us to others because of the fresh taste and good price.

Explain the process of getting certified organic.

Everything is documented and inspected through our certifying agent, which is CCOF of Santa Cruz, California. The Government also regulates us.

My first organic farm was already certified organic, but the farm has to remain free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and only use all-natural compost and pesticides for a minimum of 3 years. Everything must be documented - absolutely everything - from the equipment being cleaned at harvest, to keeping track of all inputs, sprays and pesticides. Additionally, an inspector comes out every year to conduct an audit. We also have to certify everyone who handles our almonds, like the sheller and packer, are doing their job correctly. It is a very complex and detailed process to make sure the food stays clean and not contaminated with other almonds that are not organic.

Why is it important to buy organic produce when possible?

It is impossible to not have some residue from synthetic chemicals with conventionally farmed produce. You know that some farmers, mainly in other countries, might not care about your food and might only care about high production.

Why do organic almonds cost more than conventionally farmed almonds?

Organics cost a little more because we don`t get as big a crop. It also takes more labor to take care of organic crops.

Are Brewer Farms organic almonds available in stores?

We don`t actually sell directly to stores, but we do have a few companies that buy the almonds from us and then resell them. In this sense, we are like a wholesaler. I do have a broker that sells most of our almonds.

I sell very few conventional grown almonds online. I target organic buyers and let the broker take the conventional almonds.


Why do you personally use organic products?

I like to make sure my grand-baby Lilly gets organic food because I know it makes a difference in a young life just developing.

What is in the future for Brewer Farms?

After the economy picks back up we will be looking for more land for almonds. Hopefully that will be soon. We have seen a downturn in sales for about 3 years and I am ready to speed up a little.

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For more information regarding Brewer Farms organic almonds, or to place an order, go to the Brewer Farms website.

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Brewer Farms Organic Almonds Interview