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Best Organic Shampoos

organic shampoos

What are the best organic shampoos on the market today? While that can be a matter of opinion, there are some products that consistently rate well in consumer surveys and feedback. Not all shampoos, even organic ones, are the same. You should also remember that the government does not regulate organic cosmetics. Just because a label has the word "organic" on it doesn't mean the shampoo in that bottle is actually organic. Always read labels closely and look for organic ingredients.

Criteria Used for Rating Organic Shampoos

Although there are dozens upon dozens of choices available, the best organic shampoos get consistently good reviews from both consumers and consumer product rating agencies.

These agencies both consult consumers for their opinions and directly test the products in question. Some of the criteria that rating agencies use are:

  • Safety of ingredients
  • Company's impact on the environment
  • Commitment to local community
  • Whether or not a product is tested on animals

Every consumer will have a different opinion about how well a given product works and whether or not it meets their needs, so these considerations tend to be ignored by consumer product rating companies. For some of the best consumer feedback about organic shampoos, check the customer reviews on the appropriate Amazon product page.

Five of the Best Organic Shampoos

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics gets high marks from both consumers and rating agencies. The company gets perfect scores on Good Guide for its commitment to using only healthy ingredients in its shampoos, and it also gets high ratings for the way it manages the environmental impact of its products.

This certified organic company uses no chemicals and no animal testing. Their shampoo line includes several choices for different hair types with matching conditioners; users report that using Aubrey Organics shampoo makes hair feel softer and helps it hold more shine. J.A.Y. and Honeysuckle Rose are two consumer favorites. This brand is a bestseller on Amazon, as rated by consumers, as well as on

Aubrey Organics is available at most natural foods stores like Whole Foods, as well as on the Internet.

John Masters

John Masters Organics creates a variety of shampoos for different hair needs. The products typically receive four- and five-star ratings on Amazon. These shampoos use several different types of herbs and natural plant products to create shiny, soft, and healthy hair. Consumers also report increased hair volume and a pleasant aroma when using this product.

Avalon Organics

One of the leading companies of organic products today, Avalon offers 100-percent vegetarian products. The use of natural oils helps ensure that these products will not dry your hair, but nourish it and make it softer and shinier instead. Avalon features a full line of shampoos for every hair type.

These products receive four- and five-star consumer reviews on Amazon.


Alterna hair care products are highly rated on Sephora. Consumers say these products make their hair fuller and more manageable.

All Alterna products use eco-certified, ethically grown and fairly traded ingredients. The company also supports the development of local communities.


Organix shampoos are available to most people locally in Walgreens, CVS, and other brick and mortar stores as well as online.

Consumers say that the shampoo lathers well, has a pleasant aroma, and is generally good for hair. Those who rated the Organix shampoo at gave it four out of five stars overall.

Where to Find Organic Products

Organic products are increasingly available at your local drugstore or beauty supply store. You can also find them at the following websites:

Most of these sites collect consumer reviews of each product, which can help you tell whether it's something you are interested in or not.

Find the Best Shampoo for Your Needs

No matter what other people say about the wonderful results they get with a certain shampoo, you may find that your results are different. Be willing to experiment with a few different organic formulas and brands to see which works best for you.

Best Organic Shampoos