Choosing the Best Organic Green Coffee Beans

Coffee beans on the branch
Coffee beans on the branch

Using the best organic green coffee beans is the only way to ensure a superior cup of coffee. High-quality green coffee beans will produce a high-quality roasted bean for the best cup of organic coffee you have ever tasted. The best part is, you can do it all yourself.

Organic Green Coffee Certifications

Finding the best organic green coffee beans just takes a bit of searching. You will be pleased to learn that there are several places where you can purchase organic coffee beans. Here are a few certifications to consider when you are deciding which place to purchase your coffee from.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade certified means that the growers and workers who produce these organic coffee beans not only receive a fair price for their hard work, but also work under fair labor conditions. No children work on these farms, just hard-working adults who earn an honest wage in a safe work environment.

Fair Trade helps improve the quality of life of people all over the world. It is also environmentally sustainable. There are no genetically modified products allowed. Agrochemicals are also prohibited to protect not only the health of the workers, but the earth as well.

USDA Certified

USDA Certified organic coffee and other products will carry the USDA Organic seal. Legally, only products that are truly in compliance with USDA organic standards are allowed to display this seal.In order to pass USDA standards, strict qualifications must be met. There are labeling requirements, handling requirements and production requirements as well as detailed record keeping proving that these requirements are being met. Unlike other "certifications" or endorsements that can be purchased and displayed on products, the USDA organic certification must be earned.

CCOF Certification

CCOF, also known as California Certified Organic Farmers, has been a leading organic certifier since 1973. Follow the same strict standards as the USDA Organic Program, their certification for farms, processors and more is known throughout North and South America.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

While not as commonly seen as the previously mentioned certifications, Rainforest Alliance Certified products support the sustainability of the earth and its people. The Rainforest Alliance works to teach consumers about the effect that their purchases have on ecosystems in the tropics, allowing them to make more responsible decisions. Their ten principles include:

  1. Social and environmental management
  2. Ecosystem conservation
  3. Wildlife protection
  4. Water conservation
  5. Fair treatment and working conditions
  6. Occupational health and safety
  7. Community relations
  8. Integrated Crop Management
  9. Soil management and conservation
  10. Integrated waste management

Buying the Best Organic Green Coffee Beans

This list will give you a few places to start your search for the best organic green coffee beans.

  • U-Roast-Em has a long list of organic, green coffee as well as all the supplies you will need to roast and brew them yourself.
  • Marlton Coffee is another great source for organic, green coffee beans.
  • 1st Line Equipment has a nice selection of green coffee. They do have a $40 minimum, but with green coffee having a much longer shelf life that roasted beans, this shouldn't be an unreasonable order size.
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Choosing the Best Organic Green Coffee Beans