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Best FDA Certified Organic Skin Cleanser

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If you're looking for the best FDA certified organic skin cleansers, keep in mind that you will probably have more luck searching for cleansers that have been certified organic by the USDA. While the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act prohibits false or misleading package advertising on cosmetics and skin care products, it is the USDA that had the ability to certify products as organic.

Organic Skin Cleaners

Why should you care about whether your skin cleanser is organic or not? Realize that the substances you lather onto your skin don't just stay on your skin; these substances have the potential to enter your body similarly to if you had ingested them in the form of a food product. For this reason, consumers who seek out organic foods may additionally seek out the best FDA certified organic skin cleansers in an attempt to keep harmful toxins out of their bodies. People with very sensitive skin or certain skin disorders may find that organic skin cleansers are a good alternative to conventional products.

Organic skin cleansers:

  • Do not contain ingredients that have harmful toxins, artificial colors, or resulting from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Are created with agricultural sustainability in mind and are usually packed in recycled materials.
  • Are tested responsibly prior to being sold, and are cruelty-free.

The only way to know for sure if a particular skin cleanser is certified by the USDA or some other source is to look for an official label. Different countries have different organic certifying agencies -while some countries have none- but any skin cleansers marketed within the United States should have a USDA organic certification.

Find the Best FDA Certified Organic Skin Cleansers

As the popularity and demand for organic products grow, so does the variety of organic products available to consumers. Here is a list of some of the most popular organic skin cleanser available through local merchants and online:

  • Alteya: A natural and organic skin care company from Bulgaria, this company adheres to USDA organic standards.
  • Nature's Paradise: Skin care products from this line are organic and vegan.
  • Mercola Healthy Skin: This line of organic skin care products were developed by a doctor.
  • Juice Beauty: This popular skin care line is certified as having organic ingredients by the USDA, but is not 100% organic.

This is merely a brief listing of some of the best skin cleansers that are certified organic, as there are many more products available both online at within stores.

Cost Considerations

Similarly to food and clothing products, most consumers find that organic skin products cost more than conventionally produced items. Because of the regulations associated with producing organic products, and therefore higher costs of production, it is not uncommon for manufacturers to charge a higher price for these products. As demand for these products increase, however, costs have the potential to fall considerably.

For this reason, be prepared to pay a little extra when purchasing certified organic skin care products as opposed to conventional products. Then again, most consumers expect to pay handsomely for quality skin care items, so the price tag for certified organic skin cleansers should not come as a shock to most shoppers.

Organic Certification

A label that states a skin cleanser is organic can be misleading if you don't understand what it means. Look for USDA certification labels that state the product is 100% organic. You can also find products that are made with organic materials, which means that although the cleanser contains organic materials, it is not completely organic. A label of natural does not imply organic, so be sure to read labels and certifications carefully if you want a skin cleanser that is completely organic.

Best FDA Certified Organic Skin Cleanser