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Bamboo Clothes at a Great Price

Sally Painter
bamboo clothing

Bamboo clothes at a great price can be found online. One thing to remember is that not all bamboo clothing is certified organic. Be sure to check the labels.

How Bamboo Is Used For Clothing

It may sound impossible, but bamboo is considered a revolutionary way of making fabric for clothing and other products traditionally made from cotton, wool and synthetic fibers.

Bamboo is a grass with fast-growing properties. This makes it a perfect alternative material for clothing that's both green and renewable. It might surprise you to discover that bamboo fabric is actually very soft. In fact, its texture has often been compared to cashmere and some silks.

After the bamboo is harvested, the grass is pulped. This process forces the fiber to separate into thin strips so it can be spun into yarn and woven into fabric. If you were to see the bamboo fiber before it's spun into yarn, it would look like a ball of cotton.

The rapid growth of bamboo makes it a perfect plant since it doesn't require replanting. Some varieties grow up to three or four feet a day.

Bamboo Label Doesn't Mean It's Organic

Some bamboo is grown, harvested and processed using chemicals while others are certified organic. You'll want to check the manufacturer's labels very carefully when shopping specifically for organic bamboo.


When you select bamboo as your choice of fabric, you will also receive a wealth of benefits that reach beyond a simple desire to reduce your impact on the environment. There are many health-related benefits to wearing bamboo clothing.

Bamboo's Beneficial Properties

  • Hygienic - Bamboo contains Bamboo Kun, which has natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odor properties. This amazing property also prevents bacteria from spreading and is retained once the bamboo is manufactured into fabric.
  • UV (Ultraviolet) rays - Blocks 98 percent with a natural SPF 14 rating
  • Natural thermal-control regulating properties keep you warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Keeps you dry with a natural wicking element that helps to eliminate perspiration quickly
  • Natural anti-static
  • Durable wear
  • End-of-life biodegradable - Could literally go into a compost pile
  • Perfect choice for those with chemical-sensitivity or allergies

The Environmental Benefits of Bamboo

  • Natural properties cleanse toxins from soil
  • Very few Insects eat or infest
  • Natural resistance to most fungi
  • Bamboo expels between 30 and 35 percent more oxygen into the environment than trees do
  • Natural air filter - Some bamboo varieties can process nearly twelve tons of carbon dioxide per acre
  • Requires less energy and water to grow
  • Drought tolerant, recovers quickly from floods with little residual damage
  • Little to no maintenance or care
  • Ideal plant-life for reclaiming nutrient-depleted or chemical polluted land
  • Sustainable, grows quickly

Things to Know Before Purchasing

The majority of bamboo clothes are washable, but you need to check the label. Some bamboo clothes require dry cleaning. If you must dry clean your new bamboo clothes then the cost will quickly be become expensive and you will be introducing chemicals to the fabric.

The best way to care for your washable bamboo clothing is to line or flat dry it. This will ensure your clothes retain their shape for a longer period of time. You'll also need to check the labels to verify the article of clothing is made from certified organic bamboo. This is especially necessary if you're purchasing from a country outside of the United States.

Finding: Bamboo Clothes at a Great Price

There are many kinds of bamboo clothing. Some are 100 percent bamboo fiber while others may be a blend of bamboo and organic cotton. There are manufacturers that also use a small percentage of spandex. This is typically around five percent and assists the clothing in retaining its shape.

Some places to buy bamboo clothes at a great price are:

Bamboo forest
Bamboo is an ideal fabric for clothes.

Choosing Your Bamboo Clothing

Before you shop for bamboo clothing you need to decide if you're seeking 100 percent organic bamboo or a fabric that is composed of bamboo and cotton. If you don't wish to have spandex in your clothing you need to read the label closely. No matter what you decide, you can find many bamboo clothes at a great price.

Bamboo Clothes at a Great Price